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When I think about how I see relationships, I find out that they are practically undefinable. There are many people, bonding to us in various ways, called by various nicknames and remembered in ways that might seem to be funny to a rational mind. Well, that is exactly what relationships are – the most rational irrationalities that human brain can think of and the human heart can shelter. At birth, we do not possess anything more than a loving mother and a doting father. As we grow up, we keep collecting and picking up people on our path, who, we feel have something to do with us, some connection, some sort of wavelength matching. walking further, we carry some of these picklings and abandon some others. Whatever it be, we continue to love, hate and in some cases, feel nothing about some of these people. That is how relationships are! There are bowls of sugar somewhere, lemon juice somewhere else and hot chillies elsewhere. The challenge is in how we adapt ourselves to all these tastes and move ahead in life.

I have commenced this blog, for I feel, we all need to identify ourselves with situations others like us face, exchange our views with them and learn for them. I wish to do the same, tell you what I think, feel and do. I want to know what you think, feel and do. After all, relationships are more of listening rather than talking and I am sure, we all do the later one more! Let’s learn how to listen and understand.


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