15 things you should never do in a relationship

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Guys, the last few write-ups that I have posted have been solely about love. This one also addresses a love relationship. However, today we delve a bit deeper, when all petty hindrances have been overcome and two souls have been merged into one for a lifetime. If you believe that this kind of relationship is stronger and would sustain all odds, well, stronger it is, but along with strength, it also displays a lot of delicacy. One small mistake, and trust can be shattered to bits and pieces. As such, there are a few things you must not do when you are in this stage of a love relationship. Read, enjoy, share and implement these steps and you will have a fabulous love life!

The list of DON’Ts is as follows:

  • Have a nagging attitude. Asking, questioning and being inquisitive are way separate gestures from nagging. The later irritates a person to hell, and you would never even know when differences creep in because of this.
  • Lose your faith in your partner. Trust and belief bring in a lot of positive difference in your relationship. Giving way to doubt is like inviting a lot of negativity and feuds.
  • Keep secrets. Forget fidgeting with words and events. Never hide anything. Always remember, however bad the matter be, your partner will always like to hear it first from you.
  • Show that you are busy. Time is probably the most important gift you can give to your lover. Part with it as generously as you can because the more time you spend with each other, the sweeter your relationship will become.
  • Ignore small conflicts and clashes. Many people have this habit. Understand that quarreling without reason is just a way of attracting attention. So if your lover just flares up one day over nothing, sit with him and try to soothe him out. He just wants to be noticed more!
  • Shy away from discussing. Just like your partner can quarrel and express anger, so do you. Never stay calm when you want to get mad with him. Let him know that you are upset even if he thinks it is illogical. This will clear you of the feeling that may be things would be better, had you been more expressive.
  • Hold back your love. Express it abundantly and happily. Hug, kiss, cuddle and smooch as much you want to. This only shows how much you adore him. Concealed love is as good as no love at all!
  • Give in to sexual relations if you don’t want it. Guys are generally more physical in showing their love. But giving way to the whims and fancies of a nagging partner is never wise. However deep your love be, please voice out your part of wants and conditions as well. It is not a crime to say no to sex if you are not much willing to have it. Listen to your heart, but don’t give way to lusts.
  • Comment offensively in the worst of tussles. Women have this bad habit of using offensive statements when quarrels are at their heights. Ladies, stay away from this habit. No matter how forgiving and forgetful your partner be, some things are tough to forget, especially when they are bad. Keep the number of these things as low from your side as possible. Men also need to take care of this point!
  • Insult in public even in the lightest moods. Reserve your part of views and leg pulling to be done in private. Every person expects to be supported at least by the person whom he loves in public. Give him that support. Insulting in public is sometimes worse that whacking in private!
  • Be very straightforward and blunt. It is good to be transparent and honest. But being blunt and bitter is way different from being transparent. Bluntness and excessive straightforwardness are taken to be cold gestures. Don’t resort to such attitude unless you are extremely angry about something and want and immediate apology. Being calmly expressive can make things clearer in a better way.
  • React immediately when something goes wrong. We all feel dejected at times and we all have the right to get mad at the person we love most. But reacting immediately can cause potential harm. Give sometime to yourself, let things settle down and then discuss them out in an elaborate fashion.
  • Show that you are pleased when you are not. He will definitely like it if you agree to him. But in a love relationship, things have to be equal. Both the partners are equally rightful of their own choices. Don’t show that you are liking something when you are not. It will create a wrong impression about your personality.
  • Listen to stories about others’ lovers. Keep your love story distinct from other, please. What has happened to them might just not happen to you and your relationship. Listening to stories increases the crap in your brain.
  • Trust your own beliefs. I have heard many people say that they felt their partners were just not being transparent enough. Well, we feel a lot of things, but believing in all those feelings would just mess up our lives! Don’t do it! Sit and talk to your partner. Ask explanations out of him. If he does not explain, get mad at him! But don’t trust your gut feeling blindly. Believe me, more than often, it is wrong.

4 thoughts on “15 things you should never do in a relationship

    stuti buch said:
    January 18, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    true to its core….

    […] vocal about your feelings – In an earlier post, I remember having written, ‘unexpressed love is like no love at all!’ I repeat it […]

    […] vocal about your feelings – In an earlier post, I remember having written, ‘unexpressed love is like no love at all!’ I repeat it […]

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