Hooked up with a psychopath?

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First of all, apologizing for the extreme delay in adding a new post to my treasure. I know I have not done justice with many of my readers! But then, I am back to make you think something more about your relationships.  Today, I chose to write about psychopaths!

Many-a-times, you might have felt that the person you are living with, has never shown his real self to you! Sometimes, a lot of care, and at other times, such a lot of immaturity! We all think these are parts and parcels of relationships! May be, not always. Research says that more than 60% of the world population, falls under some kind of psychological extremity or the other. My husband might be feeling I am one! 😉 Jokes apart, psychopathic relationships are possibly the most pitiable ones to support throughout one’s life.

  • First of all, if you are in relationship with a psychopath, it is possible that you would decipher it quite late in your relationship. These people are smart manipulators. They can show a lot, while not meaning much. And the irony is, they don’t feel anything wrong about it!
  • The prime factor that drives a relationship with a psychopath, is that he squeezes a lot of sympathy out of you. So much so, that the moment you feel that it is now getting enough, you would suddenly see a drooping pretty face in front of you, begging you to stay back. That is the strongest weapon psychopaths have!
  • Second, they are great liars. They would lie apparently and say they have not! The main reason is that they do  not find distinction between personal and impersonal. They behave in their personal circles just as good as they do in their impersonal circles. That is what I feel, would irritate a partner the most!
  • Third, they primarily seem to own you so much, and you loose yourself so much in them, that they keep on hurting you, tormenting you and ripping you apart. All you can do is stand numb and clueless about what to do! You very well know that you cannot escape his clutches, no matter how hard you try.

How do you get correct a psychopathic relationship then? The answer is,in most cases, you cannot! The main reason is that, a psychopath would never feel he is wrong! And so, he would never care about improving! The only way, visibly left is to abandon a relationship. I know it is tough, specifically with mountains of sympathy, burdening your brains! But then, remember,  it is only sympathy. You do not possibly know the truth! Most of what you have heard could be bricked-up stories! It is better to leave a relationship that is based on pure sympathy and love that has rooted from self-pity.


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