My belated Christmas Greetings

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, no conventional post today, no experiences to be shared, no nothing. I feel tired of being grim and sad at times. And I feel tired of giving suggestions and advice too! Especially during this holiday season, I know exactly how much painful it is to be reminded and to remember things that you so desperately want to forget.

For those who are in new love, they would not like to read much about loving and being loved either! They are experiencing the stun first-hand! So I would keep this post short and sweet.

To all my readers, I extend my heartiest greetings and warm wishes. I wish the best and the softest for you. And I pray to the Lord that you may be blessed with the sweetest blessings. I hope for brightness and light for you and wish you never become a mind-reader, because though it might sound interesting, nothing is as head-smacking as becoming a psychology researcher is.

I wish love and kindness for the old, thrill and joy for the young, pink and rosy for the lovers, cradle and children for the wedded, partners for singles, respite for the worried, more joys for those who are content and the very best fr everybody.

A Merry Christmas to you folks and a stunning Year ahead! Cheers!


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