A thought on Universal Happiness

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Image Courtesy: Zara
Image Courtesy: Zara

They say its easier said than done… Staying happy, seeking happiness for one’s own self, no matter what situation you are in. Is it actually such a difficult thing? Such a difficult action to stay happy? I don’t underestimate the power of other emotions, neither their importance. every emotion does have its own significance. Fear tells us we should protect ourselves, anger tells us something is not fair, jealousy tells us we need to be better, possessiveness says we are in love, bliss tells us this is the best we could have, divinity tells us we are connected to the creator. But happiness? It just tells us that we are happy! No second meaning, just happy! Then why is staying happy so difficult?

May be not just that difficult! I have consciously tried to stay happy, pick out reasons to feel happy at my heart even when there has been a lot to cry over. And yes, I have cried my eyes out, thinking that there might be a light-hearted bliss when I pour it out. Sometimes it has worked out, some other times, I sank further in sorrow.  But then recently, I got hold of a concept that is called ‘Universal Happiness’. And I really really loved it! Let me hand over a quick summary of this concept to you. And since my blog rolls itself up in matters of relationships, might be, you would want to use this concept for coping up with a fight or a break up!

‘The Universe is a magical creation. Whatever has been spoken about its origin, till today, is a hypothesis, at the best, a theory. None of our greatest scientists has traveled back in time to see how the Universe was born. So the fact still remains that the Universe is magical. It is made of numerous elements, we know about some of these elements, some others still remain a mystery. Every other day, something extraordinary is being discovered at some corner of the world. We human beings, have some of these universal elements in us. And that fact makes us real magical beings.

Universal Happiness


Well, ain’t you magical? Look at yourself in the mirror and smile for yourself. Look into your eyes, look real close. You would find them beautiful, no matter how many people comment upon your beauty. Do in a bit of shades… Wow! There you are, a fabulous lovely lady! Sing a song for yourself. At the worst, you would feel funny and laugh aloud! May be your voice would astound you for a second!

We all have little pieces of the infinite universe in ourselves. We all possess the power to create and recreate. We all have the power to destroy the weakness in ourselves and morph into a strong being that vibrates in tune with the universe. You might have heard of the theory that the Universe gives us what we ask of it. And yes, that has to be true. Because when it is you asking, it is that small piece of the Universe, asking for something special form the larger Universe! You are part of it. So it has to give what you ask.

If you feel gloomy, remember bad times, somehow, your subconscious, tells the universe that this is the point where we are going to create a new ‘Black Hole’! So there you are! You get sinking down in unfathomable depths of sadness and gloom and you feel being swallowed in! So what you are facing, is ‘Universal Sorrow’! A point of utter darkness that swallows you, your positivity, people around you, your friends, your parents, you finances, your kids, your home, your everything! And no one except you has the power to reverse the condition!

Your body is a small Universe in making and your soul is the maker. So the most important thing that you need to do is, connect with your own soul. Forget everything else! Forget your boyfriend, forget your broken relationship, forget your abuser….. They all are their own Universes and you are not a part of them. You create your world in your manner. The fact that they have driven you crazy means that they have other plans for their Universes. They don’t need you, neither do you!


Connect with yourself and ask yourself, what is the kind of feeling that you like the most. And when do you attain that feeling? Meditate a lot. I have done it.. And it feels great! Have faith and meditate. Just close your eyes and locate those small bright starts playing at your forehead. Feel yourself at peace with yourself. And I promise, when you open your eyes, at least for sometime, you would hover in an air of nothingness. There would be nothing to think about, no joy, no sorrow! Then you would have a good feeling about yourself, a feeling that you have done something good for yourself, something that your soul deserved since long.

Gradually, you would feel yourself getting distanced with all the ‘Black Holish’ things that have been tormenting you and your energy would get focused to what positive you have in your life. And trust me, there would be many positive thing! The childhood painting that breathed dust till today, those forgotten childhood friends, your neighbor’s child, a chattering mom, a fussing father, a stupid brother, bitchy girlfriends, a good salon, a refreshing massage, the missing shoe which you had been frantically looking for, a new brand of non-sticky winter cream, a friendship band that dates years back, a new guy smiling at you(when you just don’t care about what he is thinking)….. and many many more such things!

Suddenly, you will find that there is no time to stay sad and gloomy! Your soul has finally taken control and reversed the situation of ‘Universal Sadness’! It is ‘Universal Happiness’! The only thing you had to do was, shake off those bad bad feelings when you were really getting devoured, stand up, distance yourself from that place, go to some corner, sit with yourself and celebrate your life.’

This was the most precious bit of information that I have mined out till date. I have put it in my words. The concept stays the same! There is no sadness or happiness. It is how we decide to construct our Universes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and would further enjoy putting it to practice! The Power is yours! 😀



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