Get a peek inside

I am just like many of you, who at the moment, are scanning these pages. All of us face tussles when it comes to maintaining relationships.  We all get sandwiched between situations and feel ourselves losing the battles under challenging circumstances. And trust me, those are the moments, when we feel hell would actually have been better. Time asks us to choose amongst people and although we want to grab on to all of them, we have to let some go. Priorities are demanded to be set, but relationships are no priorities. But then too, we have to do it!

How do we face it? How do we free ourselves of the guilt that is sure to haunt us for an extraordinary time? How do we bat the frustration and the turmoil we find boiling inside us? I have set out to find answers to these questions. I have gone through these situations, and although I am way behind perfection in handling them, I still feel I could give a fair justice to them by sharing my views and opinions with you! May be, we learn from each other!


One thought on “Get a peek inside

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