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Do you feel that girl will take your lover away?

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This is a familiar feeling which people in love often feel for each other. Some even start believing that the partner is cheating. I would name it a complex, a love inferiority complex. When we are in love, we tend to forget the world, completely forget it. And then all of a sudden, one day, we start doubting our relationship. I have gone through an exactly the same feeling and hence, I am sharing it. We tend to get more conscious about our beauty and try to flatter our partner in some way or the other. This applies for both the girl and the guy!

And believe me, it is not wrong to feel like that until a certain point! But after that, it becomes more of a bondage. When you start feeling jealous of any other beautiful girl, and your eyeball stick to your boy’s, when he is surrounded by girls, you are falling prey to this complex! We all want to look good and be good in front of the person we love, but when this want develops into a feeling that my man must look at my beauty and praise me, no one else, you are inviting potential destruction in your relationship. Trust is an important factor in any relationship, more so, when your are in a budding love relation! Don’t let doubt creep in between your relationship.

Many people, inclusive of men and women, tend to expect their partners to explain each and every action. I never understand why it is so? There is a saying, ‘never explain, the person who loves you will not need it and the person who does not love you, will not believe your explanation’. Then why do we expect explanation from the person we love most? Think about it.

Being vigilant is good. We all should be and somehow it consoles us that our relationship is not in danger. But nagging is  something that is not welcome. Never display your love in the way of excessive possessiveness. It is actually a display of your inferiority feeling! Be confident of yourself, your partner and most importantly, trust your love! Rest, let things take care of themselves!