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I recently  have been reading a lot about male psychology! It surprises me, how we women tend to misunderstand them easily. Men, by heart, are weaker and introvert creatures. You will never get to know what is going on in their little brains unless you are really close and they think you to be trust-worthy. Men have been easy victims of criticism for being more sex-oriented and less emotional since long. Break-ups, and you will find girls accusing their men for having ditched them, divorces and you will find wives cribbing infront of friends and relatives and quarrels mean the neighbors would come ti know exactly what happened? But is it true that men actually are at fault every single time, and when their ladies sit cribbing and cursing at the top of their voices, they do not have anything to say? I share with you in this write-up, my experiences about men, love and sex


  • Hormones in play – Both the male and female minds are dominated by hormonal balances. After puberty, the male body releases hormones that are way different from female hormones, that is why, the difference in behavior. the main male hormone, testosterone is responsible for sex drive in men. It’s true that men value sex more than women do, but does not mean they love any less. In fact, it has been an observation that getting physical is a prime way of showing love for men! Females, on the other hand, release lots of estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the touchy, feely love thing in women. Estrogen invokes a sense of possession and acceptance. That is the reason women are more of accepting and soft creatures. In men, there are stages, when the estrogen level in the body increases slightly. It is then, that you will feel your man thinking more like you! But when he does not, don’t simply blame him for being less sensitive! He has possibly more of that than you have!

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  • Love, according to men – I have heard many women crib that their husbands are not loving. Well, that is not the case! They love, but then they don’t show. The male brain matures slower, compared to that of a woman. They tend to catch signals a bit late. Men would expect you to speak your minds in a clearer manner. They are curious about what their girls want out of them, and this feeling genuinely evolves out of the craving to love and be loved. Secondly, men feel more insecure than women do. They might not question and nag, but in their heart of hearts, there is always a fear of losing. You might have experienced your man trying to keep a track of your actions and movements. There is nothing negative about it! They do it because they don’t want to lose. Love, for men, is security, bonding and shelter. The moment you take away anything of these three, they will go upside down wanting to know, why!
Be the best you can on bed, every time you are there
Be the best you can on bed, every time you are there
  • Why are men feeble at expressing their love – Unless and until you are very close to your partner, and know exactly what his actions mean, it could be rather difficult to judge him. This is because of the hormone Vasopressin. In men, this hormone stops them from sharing their personal lives with their friends and social circles. As a result, they tend to discuss less of their wives and love lives. The case is  opposite in women. As a woman, I would expect my husband to talk a lot about me, but his instincts would not allow him. Consequently, I will feel unnoticed and neglected. As an evolutionary trait, men do not like to flaunt their mates in the fear of losing them. It is the other way round for women. Women love to flaunt their husbands. This gives them a feeling of superiority.

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  • Why are men more hooked on to sex? – Men love sex, more than women do. Ask them any time, and they would be ready. However, as they age, testosterone in their bodies gets reduced, leading to lesser libido. Ridiculously, women seem to have problem with that also! If a man says no, when his wife has just the right moods, he is accused of having lost interest and love. Well, ladies, again, it is his hormones that decide for him. When men go physical with their mates, their bodies release oxytocin, more than a woman’s body does. Oxytocin is the main hormone that is responsible for the feeling of belongingness an love in humans. So, when a man sleeps with a woman, he tends to feel sheltered and safe. there is a soft feel about it. That is the reason men are more insistent on sexual relationships.

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  • How do break-ups affect men – It is a widespread belief that one out of a relationship, men quickly find new mates. Well, that is not the case. Men are more of egoist people. they don’t like to show that they need you. To hide that feeling off, they start giving fake signals. But subconsciously, men face worse consequences than women after break-ups. Women speak out their hearts, men cannot! They tend to have worse bodily effects and health issues. They feel unsheltered and lost, just like a child would feel after loosing their mothers.

Love, for men is a separate definition as compared to women. They think differently about it, but that does not mean they don’t love and are hooked up with you just for sex! A man might love his woman more than the woman can imagine!