Passive Aggressiveness

A common problem in love – Passive agressiveness

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Long time I did not write anything substantial for my blog. Well, today I decided to make up for it. Since quite sometime I have been neutral in my writings, focusing neither on the great nor the solitary side of love. Today however, I wish to write about something that many of us might take years to realize, and some would never realize it at all – Passive aggressiveness!

Passive aggressiveness, as the name suggests, is condition when one partner shows his aggressiveness by staying passive. In other words, it can be described briefly as silence treatment. Couples in love, generally mistake signs of passive aggressiveness to be a part of the sour moments of an affair…. But it is not so! A passive aggressive partner would make you completely believe in him and then start torturing you to your core. The torture is often a confusing affair and it is your confusion that would keep you  bound to him despite the torments that you have to go through. Here-under  we glance at what the symptoms of passive aggressiveness could be. Read the rest of this entry »