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Hooked up with a psychopath?

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First of all, apologizing for the extreme delay in adding a new post to my treasure. I know I have not done justice with many of my readers! But then, I am back to make you think something more about your relationships.  Today, I chose to write about psychopaths!

Many-a-times, you might have felt that the person you are living with, has never shown his real self to you! Sometimes, a lot of care, and at other times, such a lot of immaturity! We all think these are parts and parcels of relationships! May be, not always. Research says that more than 60% of the world population, falls under some kind of psychological extremity or the other. My husband might be feeling I am one! 😉 Jokes apart, psychopathic relationships are possibly the most pitiable ones to support throughout one’s life.

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