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Biological reasons of why we fall in love

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Falling in love has reasons that extend much beyond some intrinsic feeling of the heart. It has more to do with science and biology. There might well be many sayings about love being a proprietorship of the heart, but it is not so! It has its roots in some hormonal duct and gland located somewhere in our brains. Males and females, both release these hormones, but only the quantum differs and it is all because of this difference, that the attitude of men and women towards a relationship differs. Here, I list down some of the reasons why people fall in love.

1. After puberty, the male and female bodies start preparing themselves for the responsibility towards bearing the next generation. This induces hormonal changes in the body, that cause physical changes.

2. Apart from the physical ones, there are changes in how we think about our opposite sex also! Boys can no more be just friends to girls and vise versa. This is the root cause of why we fall in love. We start scanning people, who we think can match our expectations for signals. And when we start picking up these signals, our brain tells us that we are in love.

3. When we attain puberty, it suddenly seems that we have been let out of all restrictions and ties, and are free to choose amongst people for being our future life partners. But love counts for much more! It has to be a beautiful compatibility in every sense! Everything else is just infatuation, or a trial phase, where we experiment with who suits us the best.

4. The rule of opposites attract, implies here. However strongly you advocate that you need a person who is just like you, subconsciously, we all need a person who is just the opposite in characteristics to us. Fair people like darker ones, the naughty ones need calm partners and the wise ones need somebody less mature!

5. It is a natural tendency of individuals of every species to choose partners in such a manner, that the offspring be more complete and better competent to deal with the world. That is the reason why we fall in love with people of opposite characteristics. We feel certain that the children we bear, will have healthy characteristics of both the parents.

6. It is a truth that even after we fall in love, we tend to keep looking for better people. The society holds this a stigma in majority of the nations, but it is absolutely natural to fall in love more than once in life. That is because you might have found someone, who we think might be better suitable to us. So if you have started feeling worn out with your present relationship and break-up is the only solution, don’t feel guilty and frustrated about it! everyone has the right to look for a better partner.