Even strong relationships go sour. Why?

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Fallen in love? Sure? That’s great! So now prepare yourself for a grand roller coaster ride, because the journey won’t be that easy! Many people complain of unneeded stress in a relationship. The more carefree ones are forced to take more care, dressing sense undergoes a tremendous wash up, taste buds get a new treatment, pleasant or unpleasant is not the question right now, visions clash and most importantly, ego has to go fora long stroll so that a relationship remains intact. Once we realize that we have fallen in love, we tend to keep a check on what our partners like, and do exactly the same. Well, this is one of the prime reasons why relationships meet a dead-end after sometime.

We all love certain characteristics in people. So if you have personality ‘A’ and your partner likes personality ‘B’, you could very well shield your true self to show him what he likes, and he will go all rosy about it. He will even flaunt you in front of his friends and keep you extremely high in esteem. but till what point of time? Some day, even you will feel lost, as if you have given your own self off, to the person you love and become something you never intended to! This creates a lot of frustration. This lag period would vary from person to person, depending upon how good an actor he or she is! Well, that is never a great thing to do!

Then you would find things going wrong. Your partner will suddenly be taken aback by a shift in your behavior! And that is not at all his fault! It is because you have never shown your true self to him! Being honest to the core is significant in every relation, even if that honesty is not being liked. Most stress packages are crated in relationships due to this very reason, specifically when it is your first love and in the initial stages of its development.

The only thing  you can do is sit with your partner, talk to him and explain why you did whatever you did and what you want to do now. If he is really in love with you, he will accept you with all your changes in a completely new form. Spare time for each other, for some humor, no matter how busy you stay! Take time to be with him and talk to him and show him how much you love, despite all the differences creeping in. Most importantly, show confidence in the relationship. Remember never to make any negative comment about anything in the relationship, because that would invite more stress. Be yourself, but in a more humble and subtle manner and try to make your man see your true personality and admire it as well, the way he had admired what you had shown him.

So, forget all those fake make-ups, eat exactly what you want to and wear what your heart tells you. If your man does not accept you, then he was never meant for you. If he sticks to you, no  matter what the differences are and how much the heat of tension is, then he deserves you. Be faithful to him.