Signs of being with a narcissist

How do you know you are with a Narcissist?

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The Narcissist
Time to run from the fangs

Well, that is something that needs expert experience. And when we get into any relationship, we typically do not possess that much of any experience whatsoever, leave apart having expertise at it. Let’s accept it, everybody is no psychopath detector! To topple that with a disgusting mistiness, ‘Love is terribly blind’ and no speck of light filters through its iris! So that means, when you are in a relationship, you simply do not notice the small and big red colored flags that your partner flutters in front of you. It is definitely more peaceful to stay in blissful ignorance.

Not with Narcs! So stay alert to the slightest signs. Here are a few ways you can make out that you are getting hitched up with a Narcissist. I am dividing the entire process in 3 stages, ‘The Adoration’, ‘The confusing Degradation’ and ‘The Final Discard’. Read them, determine which stage you are in and leave, no matter which stage you are in! These people cannot house strong long-term relations. Read the rest of this entry »