Valentine’s Day

This Valentine, question yourself!

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Valentine’s day, and I felt I should stick something interesting and value adding on my blog wall! I am not much of a romantic myself, and as most of my readers must be knowing, I am still single! LOL! :D(I am maintaining a blog on relationships and focusing on love relationships). Well, I don’t exactly feel less confident about getting into a relationship! I just have too many criterion points to be cleared, before someone can completely take my heart away from me! I love my heart and believe that it’s singular status induces the necessity to place it in safe hands. I cannot bear it to be broken and degenerated! Staying single would be a more viable option than to get along with someone who thinks your heart to be a petty thing to play with! Here, I would love to let my readers know what my rules and questions are and get genuine feedback of whether I think right or crap!



  • Does my partner always want to fondle me? – A very important question, which many of us tend to overlook, basically because we are toe over head in love! There is absolutely no questioning about the fact that a brush of skin, a hug and an occasional french kiss are absolutely unavoidable when you are sitting beside the most adored person in your life! But getting hooked on every time you meet up, is like fussing for a chocolate every time you go to a confectionery! It is addiction more than love! Stay away.


  • Do I really feel interested in what he talks? – Many of my female readers would agree to this. Having a relationship  means sharing interests and friendship above all. These are the two things that can bind people for life. If he bores you with his talk(which might seem interesting to him), think twice over your relationship. Do you have the capacity to develop interest in your partner’s interest?
  • Do we trust each other completely? – Trust does not leave room for questions and if there are questions, the feeling that you trust is nothing more than your hypocrisy! Make yourself clear with this emotion. Love does not allow you to feel doubtful and obsessive about your partner! It allows a lot of space, trust and belief.

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