Versatile Blogger’s Award

My Versatile Blogger Award!

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Hey readers! I don’t know how I am supposed to begin! Just excuse me for being so naive at this! Please! I recently got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I was simply more than happy! After all, it has to be an achievement when you have barely started blogging since the past 1 and a half months! I have thanked my nominator.. Now I would again love to extend my gratitude towards her! Thank you Julie! For all those who are reading this post, I humbly request you to visit her blog at One more request, please be a more regular visitor to her blog, than you are to mine. She deserves it.

Now for the rules that a nominee has to follow! I am supposed to nominate 15 more blogs for this award. I am really sorry I could not find 15 for you guys out there to read, but yes, I have listed down some 8-9 of them, which I think are really awesome and need to be visited as regularly as time could permit! Here is the list:

Well then, done with the blog’s list! Now I am supposed to tell you 7 little things about myself. With no intention to promote myself, I list down hereby certain things I would love people to know about me…

  1. I am a shy person and express most of my feelings through writing. So friends who fail to understand me sometimes, seek help in my diary! 😀
  2. I am jobless right now… If anyone could help, I would be grateful for life!
  3. I am 27. But the posts I write about talk about things that are more mature. So forgive me further, if you feel I have offended a set of readers! I might not be a very mature thinker.
  4. I enjoy sarcasm and love to read things that need reading between the lines.
  5. I love people who love me, inclusive of my parent. But I fail to express it properly, so naturally they feel I don’t love them.
  6. I love to sleep a lot. So though I might not have much to do, yet I might be lethargic on my blog!
  7. I desperately want more visitors on my page. Anyone out there who would like to help is heartily welcome! 🙂

Thank you Julie! I love you!