Relationship and love quotes for everyday life

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“Putting conscious efforts into improving ourselves often leaves us irritated and fatigued. The yearning to improve comes from the subconscious. It is then that you really change for the good without knowing it yourself.”

“A relationship that keeps your heart jumping out of your mouth every time its your turn to speak, is not much of a relationship at all. It is more of an enclosure that trains you to morph completely into something that you are not.”

“Under the wings of love and care, we are allowed to grow beautifully. We dare to experiment and experience, knowing that the bitter part will be nullified with the sweetness of love. That is ‘Love’.”

“It is never any use looking for things that are scattered in dark, if we are not capable of igniting the lights. To work on any broken relation, it is important that we first click the lights in our own heads on, rather than blaming people around for the darkness.”

“Freedom is not a revolution, it is a very primitive elementary part of our very beings. If someone manipulates that primitive part, don’t revolt to get it back, you have it in you already! Just walk away. That helps!”

“It is about how we see the world. A bright day might seem gloomy is you have black goggles of gloom and discard on your nose. Take it off and look around. You will see love all around.”

“It is baseless cribbing about the pain. A wiser thing would be to locate the cause of the pain. It is always the disease that is cured, not the symptoms.”

“Falling in love is worthy…. Rising in love is better…. Getting reborn in love is a stunning experience, but above all, finding your inner beauty that had till now been oblivious, is the real gift that love can present. Discover yourself!”

“We all deserve a life that is dignified, respected and loved. If ever you find people around you taking these three cherished qualities away from you, try giving some of them to yourself. Respect yourself, love yourself and dignify yourself. The world will follow your footsteps.”

“If you are getting blinded, it is not love…. It is enchantment. Break free before it engulfs you. Love empowers and enlightens, it does not enchant.”

“I choose to be myself every morning. I choose to laugh at jokes that don’t provoke laughter in others, that does not make me a fool! I choose to wear a color that I am fond of, that does not make me an unfashionable pig. I choose to eat what I feel like, that does not make me feel ‘Aaawww! How can you eat that?’ I choose to be the way I am.┬áBeing one’s self is a choice, and I am happy making it every day.”

“I determine my definition of success based on what my past failures are, not based on what the society wants me succeed in.”

“Life never stops batting us down. It is easy to stay stuck to the ground, so that life does not hit the second time. It is however worth the courage, when you stand up, give life a reverse blow, put up your middle finger and walk on.”

“I don’t believe any relationship grows old and wears off. We all evolve with time and so do the relationships we are in! Something that would wear off, despite us evolving can be defined as adrenaline drug, that has now stopped stimulating our senses.”

“Be protective about the person you love, nothing is more mellow than a caring protectiveness. But stop yourself from being dominating and arrogant in the name of protectiveness.”